Hexaware is Hiring For Hundreds of Jobs Across Locations : Apply Now

Hexaware is Hiring For Hundreds of Jobs Across Locations: Hexaware, a global emporium of technology and business process services, is currently in the throes of an expansive hiring spree, resonating across a multitude of locations.

Hexaware is Hiring For Hundreds of Jobs Across Locations

The advent of December bore witness to Hexaware Technologies unveiling its latest bastion in Dehradun. The ceremonial inauguration, a grand affair graced by the presence of the Honorable Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Shri Pushkar Singh Dhami, marked a pivotal juncture in the company’s narrative.

Within the precincts of this newfound establishment, Hexaware delineates its strategy to assimilate seasoned professionals and tap into the burgeoning talent pool of engineering graduates from local academic institutions. This strategic amalgamation aims to synthesize seasoned expertise with the vibrancy of fresh perspectives.

Applying for a coveted position within Hexaware entails navigating a landscape characterized by technological enthusiasts who revel in pushing the boundaries of convention, challenging norms, and steering transformative change to usher futuristic ideologies into the present epoch.

“Embark on a journey with us as we endeavor to forge a more inclusive future, one that mirrors the opulence of human diversity and guarantees equitable opportunities for all,” the company asserts.

Hexaware’s expansive recruitment drive spans the entirety of the nation, extending invitations for job applications from seasoned professionals for a diverse array of roles scattered across the Indian landscape.

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The company, in its fervor, has unfurled nearly 378 distinctive positions on LinkedIn, each embodying a unique opportunity.

Delve into location-specific prospects by clicking here. Alternatively, explore fresh opportunities on the company’s LinkedIn page or peruse various job portals for an array of tantalizing options.

Hexaware, in its commitment to fostering an egalitarian work environment, adheres rigorously to federal, state, and local employment laws governing non-discrimination practices at each of its facilities and locations.

About the Organization?

Hexaware stands as an archetypal global entity, a purveyor of technology and business process services. Boasting a workforce of 27,900 Hexawarians, each ardently dedicated to awakening every dawn with a singular purpose: to craft smiles through the synergy of exceptional individuals and cutting-edge technology.

With a formidable presence across 19 countries, encompassing 45+ offices, Hexaware empowers enterprises on a global scale to manifest digital transformation in both magnitude and celerity. The company, in symbiosis with its clientele, undertakes the collaborative journey to construct, metamorphose, operate, and optimize their technological and business processes. Apply Now